About South Bay Green Clean Car Wash

At Green Clean, we not only care about giving you a sparkling clean vehicle, but we look out for the  environment too.  Our energy efficient equipment is top notch and we’ll deliver that brand new shine with our environmentally friendly soaps and treatments.  We offer:

  • No emission electric wash equipment custom made for our highest standards
  • Two-Stage purifier to treat water run-off
  • High-efficiency, low consumption lighting
  • Biodegradable soap, safe for use on the finest vehicles and specialty paint
  • All-natural, extra-long “hog’s hair” brushes – no synthetic or nylon materials
  • Titanium high pressure spray tips that conserve over 14 gallons of water per wash
  • Utilization of reclaimed water
  • Recycling center available for plastic, glass and aluminum
  • Low-decibel Lamm motors on state-of-the-art “Quadra Vacuums” with two vacuum settings
  • Shampoo and fragrance (available at Green Clean self-serve)